Critical communications for offshore windfarm

PMR products delivered a robust communication solution to provide for the safety of operatives working on an offshore windfarm.


PMR Products’ client is a wind farm field situated some 30 miles from the Kent coast.


Maintaining communications with operatives working on the wind farm is essential to their safety so the client required a robust solution that provided this and location information.


SafetyNet Client software provides a host of management functions for controlling a radio fleet and recording activity, including audio recording. This application operates largely as a standalone back office management system for the functions required.

SafetyNet Locator provides mapping functions and allows the tracking or location of the Sepura STP8X000 and STP9000 TETRA handsets using GPS. Icons on SafetyNet Locator software show the location of the towers, boats and radios, providing useful visual data to the operations team in helping direct vessels and maintenance crews.

The system delivers wide area coverage. The installation at the operations site uses a dual antenna system (diversity) to improve signal reception from vessels as they leave the harbour on route to the wind farm. This site is linked via sea cable fibre to the offshore substation enabling handsets to roam between the Damm Tetraflex base stations.

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